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Louise is one of the longest standing FitNuts. She recently completed the 12 week online Beach Body Plan and she absoloutley smashed it. I am really proud of how hard Louise works in all the sessions she attends even after a day at work and a long commute. Well done LouLou. 


 “When I signed up for the 12 week plan, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! It was really hard, but I really enjoyed it and I learnt so much. I learnt about portion sizes, how little changes (e.g. swapping a cappuccino for an Americano each day can equate to a saving of over 500 calories per week) can make a big difference and how to fit in short, but tough, exercise sessions into my busy lifestyle.   


When we started, I had great intentions and was totally motivated.  However, I let life get in the way and didn't try as hard as I should have.  However, a couple of pep talks from Charlotte, and the accountability (e.g. having to commit to taking photos and measurements each week, and reporting my weekly food diary) got me back on track.  I loved the support I received, not only from Charlotte, who is absolutely fantastic, but from the rest of the group - the encouragement and motivation, and seeing how others were progressing was a massive help.  Charlotte mentioned a number of times how is takes [66] days to make a habit - and she is soo right - I have a way to go, but i'm getting there, albeit slowly, and am loving the results I'm seeing! 


I gained ideas for new meals, especially in terms of upping my protein intake each day, and I really enjoyed the training plan - it was really hard, but made me push myself - it's definitely a case of getting out as much as you put in.


Charlotte is an awesome coach - she made sure we worked our butts off, but she is also so supportive and friendly - she realises we all have different, lifestyles and levels of fitness and always does her best to cater for us all.  She is a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to health and fitness - she definitely knows her stuff and is so passionate about it.  She also practices what she preaches and works as hard, if not harder than we do!! As you can probably tell, I loved the 12 week plan and will definitely be signing up for the next one. Thank you sooo much Charlotte - you awesome Head FitNut! xxxxx".



Su has been attending boot camp for over 2 years now. She is a fabulous member of the ENERGY Fitness & Nutrition  team. WELL DONE SU.


"I am totally addicted to Charlotte' s bootcamp sessions. I started going about 2 years ago after having done no exercise for the past seven - other than chasing round after kids. It didn't take long to start seeing results and feeling fitter. Much more effective than my sessions at the gym. Charlotte is passionate about fitness and nutrition. She motivates and inspires and is full of helpful advice. The people that go are a fantastic group.  Being outside whatever the weather is terrific. I've gone from someone who didn't do running to now also going out on a run every week and training for muddy  10ks. Thanks Charlotte - I'm fitter, healthier and more confident."

Paula...thank you for an awesome testimonial. I love Paula's attitude and commitment to boot camp. Hard work most cetrainly does pay off. :) WELL DONE PAULA. 


I've been doing Boot Camp since October '14, and it's been great! Having tried numerous things over the last 10 years to lose weight/get fitter,enough was enough! 


Gym sessions with pre-schoolers just didn't fit in, "co-ordinated" classes were repetitive and no fun, and evenings didn't exist with a late-working partner. Saturday Boot Camp is different every week, challenging, fits in with family life, and is out of the way before the rest of the family are barely up!


Charlotte is a fantastic motivator, and I am now fitter than I have been in 20 years! I really miss the mud and sweat if I can't attend, but not much stops me from going every week, as the results have been fab! Thank you!