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I started my journey as a part of the FITNUT family a few years ago but only really bounced in and out of bootcamp sessions. In October of 2016 I decided to take the plunge and commit to changing my life and signed up for the semi-PT classes alongside the bootcamp classes.

It really was the best decision I could have ever made!!!!

Charlotte has taught me how to balance food and through food choices have a balanced and healthy diet without just chomping on celery sticks! We can still have the treats but work it into our daily calories so we’re still keeping a balanced diet. I know see food in such a different way and enjoy my meals – I used to eat just to stay alive!

Through the training we have I have increased my strength, stamina and cardiovascular abilities. Each week through encouragement and guidance from Charlotte I leave the sessions buzzing with such a sense of achievement! And not just from the support we get from Charlotte – who is undeniable the best human to have stepped into my life (sorry husband!) – but also from the other FITNUT’S.

We truly are a family, we lift each other up when we’re feeling down, we support and encourage each other along the way. Just one more squat, one more push up – it all helps when you’ve got someone else doing it with you encouraging you and cheering you on to do it too! It makes all the difference when training alongside these brilliant people, and I feel that without these guys and especially Charlotte I would not have achieved the gains I have done.

I remember My first boxercise session I attended a year ago we did a set of 10 crunch & punch. I struggled through 5 then collapsed on the floor! A fellow FITNUT did his ten reps then come and sat next to me and did a further 5 with me until I did all 10 reps. That is a symbol of the type of group we are….

I’ve attended a lot of different exercise classes over the years but it wasn’t until I attended a bootcamp class that I fell in love with exercise again. Add in the boxercise and S&C classes and I feel like I can get everything I could even need or want !! Charlotte doesn’t just go through the motions with us, she puts her whole heart into Energy Fitness & Nutrition and that is why being a FITNUT is different to any other class I’ve attended - she is the heart that we centre around and if it wasn’t for her I know I wouldn’t have achieved what I have. Not only myself but you can speak to any other FITNUT and they will agree completely!

Today is ONE WHOLE year since I started my journey and I celebrated by doing the Spartan Race at the weekend. A year ago I would never have dreamed I would be good enough to complete such a challenge, I was so nervous I would die half way around but I was so determined to cross that finish line. I am so happy to say I crossed that finish line with some of my fellow FITNUTS ….. and that is down to Charlotte and the FITNUT family.

Love from your



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