Are you a snacker? You've had breakfast and around about 10am you are starting to get a little peckish... or atleast you think you are peckish. The same cycle seems to happen after lunch time, around 3/4pm you start to scan the office/home cupboards for any afternoon treats you can get your hands. Despite popular belief eating little and often DOES NOT 'stoke the metabolic fire'. Research has shown that it doesn't matter if you choose to eat all of you daily calories (and macronutrients) in one big meal (good luck with that), in 3 meals or in 5,6,7,8 meals. From personal experience and experience with my clients I have found that 3 main meals and 2 small snacks seems to be the 'best' way for splitting one's calories (and macronutrients) over the day. Snacking can be super helpful but it can also be your biggest enemy when trying to shed some fat. If you make sensible, educated choices when snacking then you will probably find it will help you to curb hunger, curb binge/emotional eating (boredom, stress, tiredness etc). However if you see snacking as an opportunity to 'pick' at chocolates, birthday cake, milky hot drinks etc without taking it into account of your main meals (i.e you choose to have a latte as a morning snack so you cut down your pasta or cheese at lunch time) then you may find this to be a big factor in why you can't seem to shift any fat or perhaps why the fat keeps creeping on. Snacking isn't for everyone. Some people would prefer to eat bigger main meals that to have slightly smaller meals with a couple of snacks. That is ok, REMEMBER you need to find a diet that works for YOU, one that you can stick with and see yourself doing 6 months from now. Those that feel they would benefit from snacking, (e.g you know that when you get bored/ tired/ sad/ stressed etc you will look for FOOD) then make sure you have your snacks PRE PLANNED! By pre planning your snacks and you main meals this will allow you to be a little more adventurous and will prevent you from making on the spot decision which usually end in high calorific and nutrient deficit choices OR not controlling the portion size of the snack. Pre planning your snacks and meals could mean you get to enjoy a couple of jaffa cakes, a yoghurt with a couple of squares of dark chocolate, a fun sized milky way. If you leave it until the moment you feel like you need/want a snack to make the decision then you are leaving you self and your goals open for disaster... you may end up heading to the shop or vending machine and rather than having just a fun sized milky way bar you end up having the duo pack or a whole tube of jaffacakes.

A little of what you fancy is A-OK! But be sensible!!


Want to see ENERGY'S TOP PICKS 4 SNACKING ... make sure you read THIS blog post to find out what you could be snacking on that will keep you on the road to fat loss success.


If you have any questios do not hesitate to conact Charlie:

Have a great weekend

Charlie AKA The FitNut Girl xoxo

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