TO Breakfast or NOT TO Breakfast? ... That is the question

1. Raise your hand if you believe/have ever heard "breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day"? 2. Say YEHAWW if you believe/have ever heard "breakfast kick starts your metabolism" 3. Say ME ME ME if you believe/have ever heard "skipping breakfast causes you to gain fat" You may have heard all of the above before and you probably heard at least one of them last week because it was 'National Breakfast Week'. Guess what... they are all MYTHS!!!! Yup thats right MYTHS!!! 1. NO breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day 2. NO breakfast does NOT kick start your metabolism 3. NO you will not magically gain fat if you skip breakfast Want to find out where these myths came from and what the truth actually is around BREAKFAST...then keep reading. I will keep it short and sweet I promise. I am going to discuss breakfast consumption with regards to a goal of FAT LOSS.

Eating breakfast DOES NOT kick start your metabolism, your metabolism never stops if it did this would probably mean you were dead. Even when you are sleeping your metabolism is still working. There is mixed evidence around the idea that skipping breakfast causes weight gain. The consumption of breakfast is thought to result in fewer total calories consumed throughout the rest of the day. The idea behind this is that people feel satiated earlier in the day and are therefore less likely to be hungry later on and thus eat less calories, maybe because of hunger hormones (ghrelin, leptin and insulin). Research has shown that overweight people who tend to skip breakfast consume more calories throughout the rest of the day. HOWEVER research has also found that more calories eaten at breakfast was also associated with greater overall caloric intake in normal and obese subjects (Schusdziarra et al, 2011). WHAT does that all mean though?!... basically breakfast doesn't have any particular physiological effects and therefore it comes down to if you want to eat breakfast then eat it and if you don't like eating breakfast then don't eat it. BUT... What must you pay attention to when your goal is FAT LOSS???... YUP you got it... CALORIES IN V OUT!!!

This brings us back to the all important ENERGY BALANCE...calories IN v calories OUT.

1. ENERGY BALANCE… if a person skips/eats breakfast and this results in an over consumption of calories i.e calorie surplus throughout the day/week/month etc = fat gain (positive energy balance)

2. ENERGY BALANCE…if a person skips/eats breakfast and this results in a calorie deficit throughout the day/week/month etc= fat loss(negative energy balance)

Hopefully from the above you will now be able to understand that breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day, but neither is lunch, or dinner, or snack!!! Remember I am talking about BREAKFAST and fat loss... I will do another email on research around breakfast and the effects on concentration etc especially for children...if you are interested !

BURNING QUESTION... Should you eat breakfast or not???

Regardless of whether you choose to eat or skip breakfast, as long as you are in a calorie deficit at the end of the day and you remain consistent with this then you will lose fat.

You shouldn't’t force yourself to eat it for the sheer sake of it but if you are hungry then there is no reason why you shouldn't’t eat breakfast. As long as you remain in a calorie deficit throughout the day/week/ month. Research on meal frequency has shown that regardless of whether you want to eat 1, 3, 6, 8 meals a day it still comes down to ENERGY BALANCE!!! If you don't want to eat breakfast and you would prefer to have a bigger (more calorific) lunch and dinner then that is A-ok same goes if you prefer to eat breakfast and have a slightly less calorific lunch and dinner.

Want to find out more about how you can et your favourite foods, skip breakfast if you don't particularly like eating in the moring and still lose fat, maintain lean bosy mass and most importmatlu look and feel AMAZING on the beach this summer???

YES... Then get in contact with Charlotte today Email: or head on over to Facebook ENERGY Fitness & Nutriton and send Char a message.

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