Why am I not seeing results?

Why am I not seeing results?

You are training hard be it in the gym, at home or at boot camp but you are failing to see results? You just can’t workout why you aren’t losing the excess body fat or why you haven’t ‘toned’ up/built muscle?



What is your diet like? Most answers go something like…

‘I eat really healthily’

‘I don’t eat very much’

‘I don’t snack’

‘I am really good all week but it all falls apart at the weekends’

and so on.

However when we delve a little deeper it soon becomes clear that yes you may be eating ‘healthily’ but you are consuming far tooo many calories than you need or maybe too little calories. When we break down food portions we start to see that although you might not eat much in portion size but WHAT you are eating is very calorific, or maybe you are forgetting the cheeky latte or biscuit?! Maybe you are eating ‘well’ during the week and ruining your hard work by over consuming at the weekend…excessive alcohol and the late night kebabs are usually the culprit (p.s this doesn’t by any means mean you have to totally STOP drinking alcohol…I am actually writing this while enjoying a bud light).

Ok so we have identified 1 reason why you might not be seeing results, so what can we do to rectify this???

  • Keep a detailed food diary of everything that passes your lips. You may find that you are not eating enough for your goals or you might be surprised at how much you ‘forget’ when talking about your diet.

  • Use a calorie counting app like myfitness pal and workout the calorie intake of an average day.

  • Use the www.iifym.com website or ask me for some tips on how to workout what your calorie intake should be. You can also workout your macronutrient (carbohydrate, fats and protein) allowances…if this scares you then focus on the PROTEIN daily allowance.

  • Use myfitness pal (MFP) or another calorie counter app to track your food intake and at the very least your protein intake. Now this isn’t for everyone, some people HATE using technology but it really is simple. If you give it at least a week to get your head around you will realise just how easy it is to use. IMPORTANT- do NOT use the calorie breakdown that MFP recommends it is usually extremely wrong for most people. If you choose NOT to use an app to track your calories then I recommend you still continue to eat MINDFULLLY ,pay attention to the calories and macronutrients you are consuming especially protein.


DO NOT fall into the trap of ‘health’ foods and ‘super foods’. Yes they may be ‘good’ for you but generally they are pretty high in calories. SUCH AS…

-dried fruit

-premade super food salads (not all of them but some of them are shocking)

-cereal bars

-peanut butter

-coconut oil

-and many more

The weekend… NOW this is one of the reasons I do not agree with cheat meals. I have tried them and they 100% did NOT work for me. It actually made me have a really bad relationship with food, it made me want to binge eat, I didn’t know when to stop as I knew I would have to go another whole week without anything ‘tasty’ and it just really isn’t necessary.

This isn’t to say that at the weekend you cant enjoy a few alcoholic drinks or a meal out with friends. YOU CAN. You just have to be mindful.

It takes a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound of FAT per week. So let’s imagine you have been working REALLY hard all week with your nutrition and training and you are in a calorie deficit BUT then it gets to the weekend and you think stuff it, it’s the weekend and I have been so good all week. You have your usual breakfast and lunch. You go out with friends for dinner and you choose a starter followed by a highly calorific main and have a desert along with a few glasses of wine. Your friends are all going out and you decide to join them, you end up getting pretty drunk and having a kebab on the way home. Before you know it you have undone all of the weeks hard work by over consuming in ONE DAY. You are now potentially in a calorie surplus. It comes to Monday and you weigh yourself and you have gained weight or if you are lucky you have remained the same.

Like I said above BY NO MEANS am I telling you that you can’t have a few alcoholic drinks or go out for dinner. You absolutely can BUT you just have to be sensible. Everything in moderation. Maybe don’t have the starter and desert but have the main you really fancy and a few glasses of wine.

What to do now…

-ask yourself ‘what is my current diet like?’. Be 100% honest with yourself.

-keep a detailed food diary

-workout your calories and macros

-follow these calorie guidelines for AT LEAST 2 weeks before changing them. If your weight/muscle growth is going in the desired direction keep going if not then tweak them or maybe you need to up the exercise (cardio/weights).

If you need any help or have any questions feel free to email me charlotteroles1@gmail.com I offer 1-1 personal trainig, online services and of course Boot Camp.

I would also love some feedback. Do you like this sort of blog post? What could I have done better? What other sort of blog posts would you like to see?



Char xoxox


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