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Calling all MUMS ON A MISSION to drop a dress size. Are you desperate to make a positive change to their lifestyle but not sure where to start? Do you feel lost and confused with all the conflicting diets and exercise programs on the interest and TV?  


If you want to stop 'guessing' your way to a better body and start getting real results that are sustainable then why not fill in the registration form for a FREE phone consultation. 


Here at ENERGY we work with real people and together we achieve real results. The pictures attached are of some of the wonderful ENERGY clients. 


Forget the fad diets and the gut wrenching thought of having to make yourself run around the block not really sure why you are doing it. ENERGY is commited to designing personalised nutrition plans that encoporate all of your favourtite foods and drinks, training plans that you will look forward to and enjoy doing and results that are sustainable. All exercise and nutrition plans are evidence based, they written uniquely to work for YOU and to help you achieve your goals. No cookie cutter plans, no quick fixes just scientifically proven methods that get REAL results that are sustainable. 


There is no denying that hard work and consistency are key when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals but if these busy ladies can do it then so can YOU. 





-more energy


-healthier on the inside and out 


-fat loss


-muscle tone/defintion 


-and many many more benefits!!! 




















If you are ready to make a positive lifestyle change then why not get in contact for a FREE phone consultation today


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Tel: 07798823498



Please click the link below and complete the form that will open in a new window. 

Yve is a ???aged busy working mummy of 2 beautiful little girls under the age of 5. Yve juggles working as a teacher with looking after her two daughters. Despite her busy lifestyle Yve managed to achieve her dream body for her wedding. Yve joined the ENERGY FITNUTS when her second daughter was only 6months old, together we designed a training and nutrition plan that she could fit into her busy lifestyle. She is still a proud member of the FITNUTS and attends boot camp sessions on a regular basis. Yve said she loves the sense of community and the suport the team provides. 

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